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You can use CooLiner insulated shipping boxes for shipping perishable food items, pharmaceuticals, dairy products, and any other temperature-sensitive products.

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Aluminum Foil Bag/Insulated Thermal Bag

You can use CooLiner insulated shipping boxes for shipping perishable food items, pharmaceuticals, dairy products, and any other temperature-sensitive products.

CooLiner foil insulated bubble bags are recommended for protecting refrigerated, carton-sized shipments against extreme ambient temperatures for up to 24 hours. When used together with a corrugated shipping box, the one-piece CooLiner creates an effective insulated shipping box that arrives folded in a compact format for low-cost transport and storage.

Knowing that your temperature-sensitive products are protected against extreme temperatures throughout the cold-chain distribution system gives you the confidence to ship your goods in any season, to any location. Shipping with the proper type of 3D insulation means ‘product loss’ is much less of a concern.

Using the same innovative technology found in our foil-bubble thermal blankets and pallet covers, our gusseted insulated box liners use passive energy reflection to insulate your products throughout the entire shipping duration.

1.The insulated box liner is engineered for cold chain shipment system. As the name said, it works as insulated barrier from the outside world and container to hold temperature-sensitive products during cold chain transportation to maintain consistent temperature.

2.Huizhou Insulated box liner is composed of EPE pearl cotton and aluminum foil. With these two materials, the Insulated box liner can work as a cushion to protect your items and silver aluminum foil can reflect back the heat radiant,what’s more, it looks very clean,can go well with your high-end products.

3.EPE Pearl Cotton is the latest new type of environment friendly packaging material. It is soft and thick, insulated,waterproof so that they can insulate your items from the outside world as well as protect them. Its light weight can support easy transportation.

4.Huizhou insulated box liner can be 2D like a mail envelope and 3D like a real bag.


1.Huizhou Insulated box liner is designed for keeping cold or warm inside the bag through insulating from the outside world,keeping temperatures consistent during transit.

2.Mostly they are used for the transporting of fresh, perishable and heat sensitive products, such as: meat, seafood, fruit&vegetables, prepared foods, frozen foods,ice cream, chocolate, candy, cookies, cake, cheese,cosmetics, milk, and etc.

3.They are acted as a cushion protector and insulator against the three types of heat transfer, conduction, convection for your products when shipping.

4.The insulated box liner looks very clean and tidy giving a sense of high quality for your products.








Sealed Foil

Inner layer



Coated Foil




Air Bubble Foil


Note:Customized options are available.


1.New environmental friendly materials,food grade material.

2.Block radiation,convection and conduction.

3.They are insulated,leak-Resistant and waterproof,and Looks very clean,going well with your products and remain them dry during transportation..

4.Collapsible to save space,  and it is of light weight to make it easy to transport and allows you to save on storage costs.

5.Customized size and printing on the foil.

6.Compatible with gel ice pack.

7.Multipurpose and recyclable.


1.The bag can be 2D as a envelop or 3D like a bag. Our customer can use them as a mailer to hold things directly or liner to be used with carton box or other package.

2.This space saving design is ready for immediate use within a standard cardboard box. They can be used in conjunction with gel packs or dry ice for shipments of products requiring to be kept at a preset temperature for extended periods of time.

3.We have several ways of making aluminum foil and EPE together with different technology and processing,such as heat sealing,coated film and air bubble foil.


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