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Huizhou gel ice packs are deigned mainly for fresh food and bio pharmacy as well as other temperature sensitive items during their cold chain shipment. They are supposed to bring the ambient temperature in one package under control through cool-heat transfer.

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Gel Ice Pack

1.Huizhou gel ice packs are deigned mainly for fresh food and bio pharmacy as well as other temperature sensitive items during their cold chain shipment. They are supposed to bring the ambient temperature in one package under control through cool-heat transfer.

2.The Gel Ice Pack is made from phase-change material(PCM) as the inner refrigerant and the outer wrapper sealed on the back side.With years of experience in cold chain temperature control packaging, our gel ice pack are well developed for better temperature control, higher quality and compact packaging for variety of requirements.

3.We can also offer well-shaped cold ice pack that the four inner angles are round, instead of the square ones that might be sharper after being frozen. The round-angle ice pack would be more suitable in case the package is in foam EPS box which are easily be scratched.


1.Gel Ice Pack is designed for bringing coolness to the ambient around it, through cold and hot air exchanging or conduction.

2.For fresh food fields, they are used for the transporting of fresh, perishable and heat sensitive products, such as: meat, seafood, fruit&vegetables, prepared foods, frozen foods,ice cream, chocolate, candy, cookies, cake, cheese, flowers, cosmetics, milk, and etc.

3.For pharmacy lines, Gel Ice Pack are typically used for shipment of biochemical reagent, medical samples,veterinary drug, plasma, vaccine,and etc.

4.And for personal use, they can be used for first aid ,pain or injure relief, bringing down a fever.

At the same time,they are also great for outdoor use if put the gel ice pack inside the lunch bag, cooler bag to keep the foods or drinks cold when hiking,camping, picnics, boating and fishing.

5.In addition, if put the frozen gel ice pack in your refrigerator,it can also save electricity or release coldness and keep refrigerator at the refrigerating temperature when powered off.




Bag Materials

Phase-change Temperature

45 10.5*7.5 PE
Laminated non-woven fabrics
100 13*8
250 18*11
500 22*14.5
750 24*14.5
2000 32*29.5
Note:Customized design is available.


1.Non-toxic( The inner materials are mainly water, high polymer.) and they are tested with Acute Oral Toxicity Report.

2.Easy to carry, and wide range application if coolness needed.

3.Repeated use before its expiration date.

4.Customized options available from inner materials to the visual design

5.The round-angle ice pack is available to avoid a damage possibly occurred by gel

Ice pack sharper angles.


1.To ensure the best performance, please make sure they are fully frozen in a
refrigerator, freezer or refrigeration house before using.

2.In case of any leakage or damage, flush them away with water and dispose the pack.

3.The Gel Ice Pack can be used repeatedly before its expiration date.


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